Fill in the form opposite to suggest a topic and a workshop

Fill in the form below to suggest a topic and a workshop

Monday and Tuesday are dedicated to a participative and creative forum. During this forum, participants have the opportunity to propose and facilitate workshops.

  • We will have the opportunity to organize about 50 workshops over the two days.
  • The workshops will be one and a half hours long.
  • The workshops will accommodate a maximum of 25 participants including facilitators.
  • The form must be returned to the organizers before September 10th 2021.
  • Each person proposing a workshop is committed to facilitate it and to ensure a written record of it. They may appoint a note taker from among the workshop participants.
  • Participants will be both young people and professionals.

 1/ Workshops for exchange and production of ideas:

The form of the workshops is left to the creativity of the facilitators: discussions, theatre action, case analysis, etc. Workshops must be participatory.

These workshops will focus on the following two themes:

Few examples…

  • Social street work, culture and artistic practices
  • Professional secrecy and ethics
  • Use and management of new technologies
  • The relationship of social street workers with the police, with the justice system
  • Social street work and social entrepreneurship
  • Social street work and informal education
  • Resilience of social street workers
  • What participation for our target audiences?
  • Prevention and social street work
  • The role of the community approach in social street work
  • Managing the concept of danger to workers
  • Being a woman social street worker
  • Welfare of social street workers
  • The means of hooking in the street
  • How to evaluate our actions?
  • How to do risk reduction?
  • The medical profession in the street with the SSW
  • Social and family mediation

And many other topics… We are counting on you

Few examples…

  • Public in situations of substance abuse
  • Social street work and addictions
  • Public in prostitution situations
  • Public in situations of homelessness
  • Specific strategies for getting in touch with girls in street situations
  • Unaccompanied foreign minors
  • Young adults
  • Youth exposed to violent extremism
  • Migrants and transmigrants
  • Children (and adolescents) in street situations… Or street children?
  • Working with individuals who are perpetrators or victims of violence
  • Between institutionalization and deinstitutionalization of children in street situations
  • Public and mental health
  • Public victim of human trafficking

And many other topics… We are counting on you

Note: Please feel free to suggest a workshop that does not directly match the two proposed themes.

It is requested that, as far as possible, a synthesis of the workshops be carried during their last 15 minutes. This short summary will be used to bring out the main ideas of the workshop and can be used to produce the recommendations of the Forum. A simple handout to fill in will be provided to each facilitator.

2/ Artistic production workshops:

Artistic production workshops aiming a public space occupy on Friday 22nd afternoon (dance, flash mob, theatre, frescoes creation, music, etc.).

The goal is simple: to have fun together, to express ourselves and to make ourselves heard.

  • The facilitators will take charge of the workshop. Only small equipment may be provided.
  • The duration of some workshops may be extended to twice 1h30, as two workshops.
  • An artistic coordination of all productions will take place on Thursday 21st

Confirmation of workshops

All workshop suggestions are being reviewed from September 10th to 24th. We will email you no later than September 30th to keep you informed of whether your workshop is retained or not.

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