Dynamo International – Street Workers Network proposes you to be the main actors of the International Forum of Social Street Workers “Words from the Street”

During one week, all participants in the forum will bring out good practices in street social work and policy recommendations, all complemented by creative productions and festive moments.


This international meeting is resolutely participatory, creative and festive and following these principles, we propose a program with several working session.

There are two overlapping approaches throughout the week: a thematic approach to the day and a cross-cutting approach to content creation.

Participatory and creative workshops:

  • exchanges of professional practice,
  • artistic creations and animation tools,
  • exchanges on the contexts and socio-political issues specific to the Network’s regions: Region Africa, Region of the Americas, Region Asia and Region Europe,
  • reflection for advocacy, recommendations and political engagement.

Field visits: organized to meet peers in Brussels associations.

Evening events: for informal moments of conviviality, meetings, discoveries, exchanges, and a moment of debate as part of our partnership with the Festival des Libertés.

Presentation of the recommendations and the political interpellation within the European Commission.

Closing of the forum Words from the Street with an action in public space.

Participative and creative workshops: topics that YOU are interested in and that YOU will propose

As registered participants in the forum you will be invited to fill in a form to collect the topics you wish to propose for the first two days of participative and creative workshops.

This will allow us to prepare the list of topics that YOU are interested in and that YOU will propose to facilitate in a workshop for 25 participants who are keen to discuss the same topics. We will have to do a selection of topics on the criterion that we have only 10 rooms for each session of workshops and that we must consider the health measures.

Some examples of topics for workshops:
if you want to facilitate one or more, take inspiration from these examples…

Few examples…

  • Social street work, culture and artistic practices
  • Professional secrecy and ethics
  • Use and management of new technologies
  • The relationship of social street workers with the police, with the justice system
  • Social street work and social entrepreneurship
  • Social street work and informal education
  • Resilience of social street workers
  • What participation for our target audiences?
  • Prevention and social street work
  • The role of the community approach in social street work
  • Managing the concept of danger to workers
  • Being a woman social street worker
  • Welfare of social street workers
  • The means of hooking in the street
  • How to evaluate our actions?
  • How to do risk reduction?
  • The medical profession in the street with the SSW
  • Social and family mediation

And many other topics… We are counting on you

Few examples…

  • Public in situations of substance abuse
  • Social street work and addictions
  • Public in prostitution situations
  • Public in situations of homelessness
  • Specific strategies for getting in touch with girls in street situations
  • Unaccompanied foreign minors
  • Young adults
  • Youth exposed to violent extremism
  • Migrants and transmigrants
  • Children (and adolescents) in street situations… Or street children?
  • Working with individuals who are perpetrators or victims of violence
  • Between institutionalization and deinstitutionalization of children in street situations
  • Public and mental health
  • Public victim of human trafficking

And many other topics… We are counting on you

The methodology of participatory workshops will allow us to formulate ideas for advocacy action, the collective construction of the recommendations of the Network and the preparation of an action in the public space for the last day.

I suggest a worksop

International Street Workers Network : regional focus

On Wednesday and Thursday morning, the regional coordinators will propose a workshop to get acquainted with the contexts and socio-political issues of their respective regions and an exchange around their regional dynamics. This approach aims to ensure representativeness within the network to avoid a Eurocentrism.

Participation of young people and youth workers

Within the framework of the ERASMUS+ projects and the Prevention Project of the Federation Wallonie-Bruxelles, young people and youth workers will participate throughout the week in activities specific to the various projects and which will be part of the common program.

The evenings, moments of meetings and exchanges

Throughout the week, during the evenings prepared by the Belgian platform of street social workers, we will have the pleasure of meeting and sharing convivial moments, and to immerse ourselves in the cultural and political richness of the Festival des Libertés organized by Bruxelles Laïque, whose theme will be “Surveillance, Trust and Distrust”.

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Cancellation and refund: Reservations can be cancelled and refunded until 18 September 2021 included by contacting us at info@wordsfromthestreet.com. However, the bank charges contracted when purchasing the pass will be deducted from the refunded amount (1.4% + 0.25€ Europe / 2.9% + 0.25€ outside Europe).



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“This exchange-based approach will give a place to all participants who would like to present and share a tool, an experience, a question, a reflection…

Let’s work together to create and energise this participatory process from which we will all benefit!”

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